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Municipal Wastewater Treatment
We deliver large scale turnkey wastewater treatment plants for cities, including expansions/upgrades of existing plants to meet new capacities due to increasing population and new regulations for discharge limits.

Arbiogaz aims to deliver the perfect combination of high treatment efficiency, low operating cost and easy operation. Hence, Arbiogaz applies aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes, membrane bioreactor, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, advanced treatment processes such as multi-media filtration, membrane filtration systems in addition to conventional processes. Arbiogaz also designs and builds sludge dewatering and sludge drying systems in order to minimize the by-product.

Having successfully completed hundreds of municipal wastewater treatment plants for cities and communities worldwide, Arbiogaz stands out with its great experience and ability to meet customer requirements and obligatory regulations in full.

Wastewater treatment plants of Organized Industrial Regions (O.I.R.) where highly polluted industrial and domestic wastewater from surrounding areas are collected and treated require in depth technical knowledge and years of experience.
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